When do you Consider Lighting?

Way too often the lighting scheme of a new kitchen or renovation project is left as an afterthought. The technical department at SycamoreLED.com hear of too many horror stories where it has been left too late to include certain fixtures and fittings which has led to further disruption and expense to the client and has inevitably increased their level of stress.

One way to ensure you get the desired lighting scheme is to plan early and to talk through the requirements of your client. They might not know what they actually want at that time but it’s useful to discuss the three types of lighting layers which are ambient (general) lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.


An example of these layers would be ceiling downlights for ambient lighting, under cabinet lighting for task lighting and LED strip lighting could be used for accent lighting to highlight a point of interest within the kitchen or its furniture. A lack of these layers of lighting could lead to poorly lit areas of the kitchen and could spoil the overall look and the day to day functionality of the space.

Once the client understands this layered approach it will give them a better idea of the kind of lighting they need for their new kitchen and this will hopefully negate further disruption and mess during the installation stage.

Another important aspect of the design is to consider how your client would like to control their new lighting scheme. This might be as basic and simple as flicking a switch or they might want to incorporate a smart system that allows them to control their lighting by voice or app. Sycamore has an extensive range of lighting control options to suit all taste and budgets.

Once the designer has got the lighting brief from their client, they can then consult the lighting designers within the SycamoreLED.com technical team to find appropriate lighting products to match their client’s tastes and budget.

The knowledgeable technical team are able to provide free unbiased advice and guidance to ensure your client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded. They are able to offer a 3-step design service where they plan the perfect lighting scheme and provide a quotation which includes a full list of products ready to order.

3 Step Design Service-01

Furthermore, the technical team is able to provide a Relux lighting plan free of charge. Relux is a software package that cleverly calculates how many lights are needed to give a particular lighting level. This allows us to precisely work out the number of lighting products that are required for the project so there’s no waste of underordering.

For professional advice about creating an effective lighting scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the Sycamore team on 0113 286 6686 or email us here.

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